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Population Division Working Papers

Working Papers

103. Demographic Analysis 2010: Estimates of Coverage of the Foreign-Born Population in the American Community Survey [PDF] , by Eric B. Jensen, Renuka Bhaskar, and Melissa Scopilliti. Issued March 2015.

102. Race Reporting Among Hispanics: 2010 [PDF] , by Merarys Rios, Fabian Romero and Roberto Ramirez. Issued March 2014.

101. A Review of Methods for Estimating Emigration [PDF] , by Eric B. Jensen. Issued September 2013.

100. Evaluating Current and Alternative Methods to Produce 2010 County Population Estimates [PDF] , by Tiffany Yowell and Jason Devine. Issued July 2013.

99. 2008 CPS Immigration/Emigration Supplement Debriefing Report [PDF] , by G. Patricia de la Cruz and Cassandra Logan. Issued April 2013.

98. Demographic Analysis 2010: Sensitivity Analysis of the Foreign-Born Migration Component [PDF] , by Renuka Bhaskar, Belkinés Arenas-Germosén, and Christopher Dick. Issued May 2013.

97. Estimating Net International Migration for 2010 Demographic Analysis: An Overview of Methods and Results [PDF] , by Renuka Bhaskar, Rachel Cortés, Melissa Scopilliti, Eric Jensen, Chris Dick, David Armstrong, and Belkinés Arenas-Germosén. Issued February 2013.

96. The Size, Place of Birth, and Geographic Distribution of the Foreign-Born Population in the United States: 1960 to 2010 [PDF - 3.04M] , by Elizabeth M. Grieco, Edward Trevelyan, Luke Larsen, Yesenia D. Acosta, Christine Gambino, Patricia de la Cruz, Tom Gryn, and Nathan Walters. Issued October 2012.

95. Overview of the August 2008 CPS Migration Supplement [PDF - 88K] , by G. Patricia de la Cruz, Luke J. Larsen, and Elizabeth M. Grieco. Issued May 2012.

94. Historical Migration of the Young, Single, and College Educated: 1965 to 2000 [PDF - 1.6M] , by Justyna Goworowska, and Todd K. Gardner. Issued April 2012.

  • Supplementary Table 1. Domestic Migration of the Young, Single, and College-Educated Population for Metropolitan Statistical Areas: 1965 to 2000 [XLS - 101k] [CSV - 46k]
  • Supplementary Table 2. Domestic Migration of the Total Population for Metropolitan Statistical Areas: 1965 to 2000 [XLS - 101k] [CSV - 58k]
93. The Development and Sensitivity Analysis of the 2010 Demographic Analysis Estimates [PDF] , by Jason Devine, Renuka Bhaskar, Bethany DeSalvo, J. Gregory Robinson, Melissa Scopilliti, Kirsten K. West. Issued February 2012.

92. A Review of the August 2008 CPS Migration Supplement Automated Questionnaire [PDF] , by G. Patricia de la Cruz. Issued October 2011.

91. Coverage of Population in Census 2000 Based on Demographic Analysis: The History Behind the Numbers [PDF] , by J. Gregory Robinson. Issued October 2011.

90. Plans for Producing Estimates of Net International Migration for the 2010 Demographic Analysis Estimates [PDF] , by Renuka Bhaskar, Melissa Scopilliti, Frederick Hollmann, and David Armstrong. Issued October 2011.

89. The Use of Medicare Enrollment Data in the 2010 Demographic Analysis Estimates [PDF] , by Kirsten West, Jason Devine, Bethany DeSalvo, and Katherine Condon. Issued October 2011.

88. The Use of Vital Statistics in the 2010 Demographic Analysis Estimates [PDF] , by Jason Devine, Larry Sink, Bethany Desalvo, and Rachel Cortes. Issued October 2011.

87. Who in the United States Sends and Receives Remittances? An Initial Analysis of the Monetary Transfer Data from the August 2008 CPS Migration Supplement [HTML] [PDF - 136K], by Elizabeth M. Grieco, Patricia de la Cruz, Rachel Cortes, and Luke Larsen. Issued November 2010.

86. Item Nonresponse, Allocation, and Data Editing of the Question on Hispanic Origin in the American Community Survey (ACS): 2000 to 2007 [PDF - 373K] , by Roberto R. Ramirez and Sharon R. Ennis. Issued August 2010.

85. Using a Regression Approach to Estimate Persons per Household and Vacancy Rates in the Production of Housing Unit-Based Population Estimates [PDF - 170K] , by Kirsten K. West, Bashir Ahmed, Antonio Bruce, and D.H. Judson. Issued July 2009.

84. Hispanics in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands: 2000 [PDF - 805K] , by Debra A. Niner and Merarys Rios. Issued June 2009.

83. Marital Status in the 2004 American Community Survey. Rose M. Kreider [HTML] [PDF - 4M] Issued December 2006.

82. Population Distribution Inside and Outside Incorporated Places: 2000. Darryl T. Cohen [HTML] [PDF - 583K] Issued November 2007.

81. Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-Born Population. Campbell Gibson and Kay Jung [HTML] [PDF - 845K] Issued February 2006.

80. Tracking Hispanic Ethnicity: Evaluation of Current Population Survey Data Quality for the Question on Hispanic Origin, 1971 to 2004. Dianne Schmidley and Arthur Cresce [HTML] [PDF - 251K] Issued December 2007.

79. Matched Race and Hispanic Origin Responses from Census 2000 and Current Population Survey February to May 2000. Jorge del Pinal and A. Dianne Schmidley [HTML] [PDF - 269K] Issued December 2005.

78. Changes in the Lives of U.S. Children: 1990-2000 [HTML] [PDF - 1.5M], by Julia Overturf Johnson, Robert Kominski, Kristin Smith, and Paul Tillman. Issued July 2005.

77. Analysis of Multiple Origin Reporting to the Hispanic Origin Question in Census 2000 [HTML] [PDF - 194K], by Roberto R. Ramirez. Issued November 2005.

76. Historical Census Statistics On Population Totals by Race, 1790 to 1990, and by Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990, For Large Cities And Other Urban Places In The United States [HTML] [PDF - 130K], by Campbell Gibson and Kay Jung. Issued July 2005.

75. Identification of Hispanic Ethnicity in Census 2000: Analysis of Data Quality for the Question on Hispanic Origin [HTML] [PDF - 996K], by Arthur R. Cresce, Audrey Dianne Schmidley and Roberto R. Ramirez. Issued July 2004.

74. Evaluation of April 1, 2000 School District Population Estimates Based on the Synthetic Ratio Method [HTML] [PDF - 673K], by Monique Oosse. Issued June 2004.

73. Measuring the Foreign-Born Population in the United States with the Current Population Survey: 1994-2002 [HTML] [PDF - 1.2M], by A. Dianne Schmidley and J. Gregory Robinson. Issued October 2003.

72. Analysis of General Hispanic Responses in Census 2000by Arthur R. Cresce and Roberto R. Ramirez [HTML] [PDF - 541K] Issued September 2003.

71. People Might Move but Housing Units Don't: An Evaluation of the State and County Housing Unit Estimates [HTML] [PDF - 660K], by Jason Devine and Charles Coleman. Issued April 2003.

70. Evaluation of 2000 Subcounty Population Estimates [HTML] [PDF - 695K], by Greg Harper, Chuck Coleman and Jason Devine. Issued May 2003.

69. Seasonality of Moves and The Duration and Tenure of Residence: 1996 [HTML] [PDF - 542K], by Jason P. Schachter and Jeffrey J. Kuenzi. Issued December 2002.

68. Guide to International Migration Statistics: The Sources, Collection, and Processing of Foreign-Born Population Data at the U.S. Census Bureau [HTML] [PDF - 285K], by Joseph M. Costanzo, Cynthia J. Davis, and Nolan Malone. Issued October 2002.

67. Evaluation of Census Bureau's 1995-2025 State Population Projections [HTML] [PDF - 1.5M], by Ching-li Wang. Issued October 2002.

66. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Consistency of 2000 Nativity Data [HTML] [PDF - 137K], by Nolan J. Malone. Issued January 2002.

65. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Quality of Foreign-Born and Hispanic Population Data [HTML] [PDF - 1.2M], by Arthur R. Cresce, Roberto R. Ramirez, and Gregory K. Spencer. Issued July 2002.

64. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Migration Between Puerto Rico and the United States [HTML] [PDF - 194K], by Matthew Christenson. Issued January 2002.

63. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Native-Born Emigrants [HTML] [PDF - 111K], by Jim C. Gibbs, Gregory S. Harper, Marc J. Rubin, and Hyon B. Shin. Issued January 2003.

62. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Foreign-Born Emigrants [HTML] [PDF - 93K], by Tammany Mulder, Betsy Guzman, and Angela M. Brittingham. Issued June 2002.

61. Evaluating Components of International Migration: The Residual Foreign Born [HTML] [PDF - 143K], by Joseph Costanzo, Cynthia J. Davis, Caribert Irazi, Daniel M. Goodkind, and Roberto R. Ramirez. Issued January 2002.

60. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Temporary (Legal) Migrants [HTML] [PDF - 227K], by Rachel Cassidy and Lucinda Pearson. Issued January 2002.

59. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Legal Migrants [HTML] [PDF - 188K], by Marc J. Perry, Barbara J. Van der Vate, Lea Auman, and Kathleen Morris. Issued January 2002.

58. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Estimates of the Foreign-Born Population by Migrant Status in 2000 [HTML] [PDF - 126K], by Kevin E. Deardorff and Lisa M. Blumerman. Issued December 2001.

57. Evaluating Forecast Error in State Population Projections Using Census 2000 Counts [HTML] [PDF - 355K], by Paul R. Campbell. Issued November 2002.

56. Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals by Race, 1790 to 1990, and by Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990, For The United States, Regions, Divisions, and States [PDF - 8.3M] , by Campbell Gibson and Kay Jung. Issued September 2002.

55. State Estimates of Child Care Establishments: 1977 - 1997 , by Grace E. O'Neill and Martin O'Connell. Issued August 2001.

54. Evaluation of the 1990 School District Level Population Estimates Based on the Synthetic Ratio Approach [HTML] [PDF - 216K], by Esther R. Miller. Issued September 2001.

53. Home Schooling in the United States: Trends and Characteristics [HTML] [PDF - 63K], by K. J. Bauman. Issued August 2001.

52. At-Risk Conditions of U.S. School Age Children , by Robert Kominski, Amie Jamieson, and Gladys Martinez. Issued June 2001.

51. U.S. Census Bureau Measurement of Net International Migration to the United States: 1990 to 2000 [HTML] [PDF - 108K], by Tammany Mulder, Frederick Hollmann, Lisa Lollock, Rachel Cassidy, Joseph Costanzo, and Josephine Baker. Issued February 2002.

50. Accuracy of the U.S. Census Bureau National Population Projection and Their Respective Components of Change [HTML] [PDF - 314K], by Tammany Mulder. Issued November 2002.

49. Variations in State Mortality From 1960 to 1990 [HTML] [PDF - 2.2M], by Monique Oosse. Issued September 2003.

46. The Effect of Work and Welfare on Living Conditions in Single Parent Households [HTML] [PDF - 185K], by Kurt J. Bauman. Issued August 2000.

45. An Analysis of State and County Population Changes by Characteristics: 1990-1999 , by Amy Symens Smith, Bashir Ahmed, and Larry Sink. Issued November 2000.

44. The Emerging American Voter: An Examination of the Increase in the Black Vote in November 1998 , by Avalaura L. Gaither and Eric C. Newburger. Issued June 2000.

43. Have We Reached the Top? Educational Attainment Projections of the U.S. Population [HTML] [PDF - 753K], by Jennifer Cheeseman Day and Kurt J. Bauman. Issued May 2000.

42. Measures of Help Available to Households in Need: Their Relation to Well-being, Welfare, and Work [HTML] [PDF - 90K], by Kurt J. Bauman and Barbara A. Downs. Issued May 2000.

39. What Do We Know About the Undercount of Children? , by Kirsten K. West and J. Gregory Robinson. Issued August 1999.

38. Methodology and Assumptions for the Population Projections of the United States: 1999 to 2100 [HTML] [PDF - 128K], by Frederick W. Hollmann, Tammany J. Mulder, and Jeffrey E. Kallan. Issued January 2000.

37. Is Childlessness Among American Women On the Rise? , by Amara Bachu. Issued May 1999.

36. How Does POSSLQ Measure Up? Historical Estimates of Cohabitation , by Lynne M. Casper, Philip N. Cohen, and Tavia Simmons. Issued May 1999.

35. Racial-Ethnic and Gender Differences in Returns to Cohabitation and Marriage: Evidence from the Current Population Survey , by Philip N. Cohen. Issued May 1999.

34. Unbinding the Ties: Edit Effects of Marital Status on Same Gender Couples , by Jason M. Fields and Charles L. Clark. Issued April 1999.

33. Evaluation of Relationship, Marital Status, and Grandparents Items on the Census 2000 Dress Rehearsal , by Charles Clark and Jason Fields. Issued April 1999.

32. Women's Labor Force Attachment Patterns and Maternity Leave: A Review of the Literature , by Kristin E. Smith and Amara Bachu. Issued January 1999.

31. The American Community Survey and Intercensal Population Estimates: Where Are The Crossroads? , by Amy Symens Smith. Issued December 1998.

30. Direct Measures of Poverty as Indicators of Economic Need: Evidence from the Survey of Income and Program Participation , by Kurt Bauman. Issued November 1998.

29. "Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-born Population of the United States: 1850-1990" , by Campbell Gibson and Emily Lennon. Issued February 1999.

28. Are There Differences in Voting Behavior Between Naturalized and Native-born Americans?, , by Loretta E. Bass and Lynne M. Casper. Issued March 1999.

26. Co-resident Grandparents and Their Grandchildren: Grandparent Maintained Families , by Lynne M. Casper and Kenneth R. Bryson. Issued March 1998.

25. Timing of First Births: 1930-34 to 1990-94 , by Amara Bachu. Issued May 1998.

24. Child Well-Being Indicators From the SIPP , by Kristin E. Smith, Loretta E. Bass, and Jason M. Fields. Issued April 1998.

23. Poverty, Family Structure, and Child Well-Being: Indicators From the SIPP , by Jason M. Fields and Kristin E. Smith. Issued April 1998.

22. How Well Does The Current Population Survey Measure The Foreign Born Population In The United States? , by A. Dianne Schmidley and J. Gregory Robinson. Issued April 1998.

21. State Estimates of Organized Child Care Facilities , by Lynne M. Casper and Martin O'Connell. Issued March 1998.

20. Trends in Marital Status of U.S. Women at First Birth: 1930 to 1994 , by Amara Bachu. Issued March 1998.

19. Who Responds/Who Doesn't? Analyzing Variation in Mail Response Rates During the 1990 Census , by David L. Word. Issued July 1997.

18. Results of the 1996 Race and Ethnic Targeted Test , by Staff in Population Division and Decennial Statistical Studies Division. Issued May 1997.

17. Race and Ethnicity Classification Consistency between the Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics , by Larry Sink. Issued February 1997.

16. Findings on Questions on Race and Hispanic Origin Tested in the 1996 National Content Survey , by Staff of the Special Population Statistics, Population Division. Issued December 1996.

15. Comparisons of Selected Social and Economic Characteristics Between Asians, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and American Indians (Including Alaskan Natives) , by Edward W. Fernandez. Issued June 1996.

14. Fertility of American Men [PDF - 428K] , by Amara Bachu. Issued March 1996.

13. Building A Spanish Surname List for the 1990's - A New Approach to an Old Problem [PDF - 365K] , by David L. Word and R. Colby Perkins Jr. Issued March 1996.

12. Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Areas: New Approaches to Geographical Definition, [PDF - 17M] , by Donald C. Dahmann and James D. Fitzsimmons. Issued October 1995.

11. Using Analytic Techniques to Evaluate the 1990 Census Coverage of Young Hispanics [TXT - 39K] , by Edward W. Fernandez. Issued May 1995.

10. Estimation of the Annual Emigration of U.S. Born Persons by Using Foreign Censuses and Selected Administrative Data: Circa 1980 , by Edward W. Fernandez. Issued January 1995.

9. Estimates of Emigration of the Foreign-born Population: 1980-1990 , by Bashir Ahmed and J. Gregory Robinson. Issued December 1994.

8. Illustrative Ranges of the Distribution of Undocumented Immigrants by State , by Edward W. Fernandez & J. Gregory Robinson. Issued October 1994.

7. Geographic Coding of Administrative Records -- Current Research in Zip/Sector-to-County Coding Process , by Douglas K. Sater. Issued June 1994.

6. Metropolitan Growth and Expansion in the 1980s , by Richard L. Forstall and James D. Fitzsimmons. Issued April 1993.

5. Evaluation of Postcensal County Estimates for the 1980s , by Sam T. Davis. Issued March 1994.

4. Evaluating the Passel-Word Spanish Surname List: 1990 Decennial Census Post Enumeration Survey Results , by R. Colby Perkins. Issued August 1993.

3. Postcensal Population Estimates: States, Counties, and Places , by John F. Long. Issued August 1993.

2. Geographic Coding of Administrative Records -- Past Experience and Current Research , by Douglas K. Sater. Issued April 1993.

1. The Census Bureau Approach for Allocating International Migration To States, Counties and Places: 1981 - 1991 , by David L. Word. Issued October 1992.

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