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Last updated on IDB: December 2009
Base Population
Item Base year Data source Data collection years Notes Ref. No.
Base Population 1990 census 1990 Census population adjusted to be consistent with fertility and mortality, as well as the 2000 census. 1

Latest Data Used in the Estimates and Projections
Item Reference years Data source Data collection years Notes Ref. No.
Population 2005 sample or micro-census 2005 Sample-census population data by age and sex used to evaluate the estimates and projections. 2
Fertility 2008 survey 2008 Direct estimate of crude birth rate adjusted for underreporting. 3
Mortality 2005 census 2005 Registered deaths by age and sex adjusted for underreporting. 2
Migration 2007 administrative data 2007 Net migration estimated using migration trends to major destination countries. 4, 5

Ref. No. Citations
1 State Council and State Statistical Bureau. 1993. Tabulation on the 1990 Population Census of the People's Republic of China. Volume 1-4. Beijing: China Statistical Publishing House.
2 National Bureau of Statistics. 2007. Results of the 2005 National 1% Population Sample Census. Beijing: China Statistics Press. CD-Rom.
3 National Bureau of Statistics. 2009. China Statistical Yearbook 2009. Beijing: China Statistical Publishing House.
4 Jefferys, Kelly, and Randall Monger. 2008. U.S. Legal Permanent Residents: 2007. Annual Flow Report. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Immigration Statistics. March.
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