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International Population Reports (Series WP, IPC, and P-95)

International Briefs (Series IB, through 1999)

Population Trends (Series PPT)

NOTE: The population trends for various countries were later issued in the International Briefs (IB) series (see above).

  • Philippines [PDF - 109K]  (PPT/92-11, 1996 corrected 11/01)
  • Tanzania [PDF - 135K]  (PPT/92-10, 1995)
  • Egypt [PDF - 1.7M]  (PPT/92-9, 1994)
  • Uganda [PDF - 1.5M]  (PPT/92-8, 1994)
  • Brazil [PDF - 1.9M]  (PPT/92-7, 1993)
  • Turkey [PDF - 1.5M]  (PPT/92-6, 1993)
  • Morocco [PDF - 1.5M]  (PPT/92-5, 1993)
  • Bangladesh [PDF - 1.4M]  (PPT/92-4, 1993)
  • India [PDF - 1.4M]  (PPT/92-3, 1992)
  • Indonesia [PDF - 1.4M]  (PPT/92-2, 1992)
  • Kenya [PDF - 1.5M]  (PPT/92-1, 1992)

Aging Trends

Women in Development (Series WID)

Miscellaneous Reports (No series)

Statistical Briefs (Series SB)

Statistical Briefs are prepared by staff of the Public Information Office (PIO) of the Census Bureau to present information of current policy interest. Several briefs on international topics follow. To request a copy of a Statistical Brief, contact PIO, Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC 20233-0900, phone: 301-457-3030.

  • Russia's New Problem--Poverty [PDF - 47K]  (CENBR/98-5, 1998)
  • Report: The World at a Glance: 1994 (SB/94-4, 1994)
  • Report: Our Increasingly Populated World (SB/92-9, 1992)
  • Report: Children's Well-Being: An International Comparison (SB/91-1, 1991)

Economic Profiles

International Programs provides information for the preparation of this series of profiles on the countries of the former Soviet Union. The profiles provide a description of the geography, population, and economy of the selected country. To request a copy of an Economic Profile, contact the National Technical Information Service, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161, phone: 703-487-4650.

International Publications Prior to 1990

Copies of older publications will be provided if they can be reproduced. These publications include items from the following series: Women in Development (WID), Foreign Economic Reports (FER), Country Demographic Profiles (ISP-DP), and International Research Documents (ISP-RD).

Unpublished Reports

Staff Papers (Series SP)

Health Studies Research Notes

The Health Studies Branch of Internatinoal Programs issues the updated HIV/AIDS Surveillance twice a year (see below). The research notes listed here provide a summary of recent developments and emerging trends from data in the database. More thorough presentations and discussions of research findings are issued in the International Programs Staff Paper series.

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