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Working Papers

103. Demographic Analysis 2010: Estimates of Coverage of the Foreign-Born Population in the American Community Survey [PDF] , by Eric B. Jensen, Renuka Bhaskar, and Melissa Scopilliti.

101. A Review of Methods for Estimating Emigration [PDF - 146K] , by Eric B. Jensen.

98. Demographic Analysis 2010: Sensitivity Analysis of the Foreign-Born Migration Component [PDF - 280K] , by Renuka Bhaskar, Belkinés Arenas-Germosén, and Christopher Dick. Issued May 2013.

97. Estimating Net International Migration for 2010 Demographic Analysis: An Overview of Methods and Results [PDF - 481K] , by Renuka Bhaskar, Rachel Cortés, Melissa Scopilliti, Eric Jensen, Chris Dick, David Armstrong, and Belkinés Arenas-Germosén. Issued February 2013.

90. Plans for Producing Estimates of Net International Migration for the 2010 Demographic Analysis Estimates. [PDF - 86K] , by Renuka Bhaskar, Melissa Scopilliti, Frederick Hollmann, and David Armstrong. Issued October 2011.

66. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Consistency of 2000 Nativity Data [HTML] [PDF - 137K], by Nolan J. Malone. Issued January 2002.

65. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Quality of Foreign-Born and Hispanic Population Data [HTML] [PDF - 1.2M], by Arthur R. Cresce, Roberto R. Ramirez, and Gregory K. Spencer. Issued July 2002.

64. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Migration Between Puerto Rico and the United States [HTML] [PDF - 194K], by Matthew Christenson. Issued January 2002.

63. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Native-Born Emigrants [HTML] [PDF - 111K], by Jim C. Gibbs, Gregory S. Harper, Marc J. Rubin, and Hyon B. Shin. Issued January 2003.

62. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Foreign-Born Emigrants [HTML] [PDF - 93K], by Tammany Mulder, Betsy Guzman, and Angela M. Brittingham. Issued June 2002.

61. Evaluating Components of International Migration: The Residual Foreign Born [HTML] [PDF - 143K], by Joseph Costanzo, Cynthia J. Davis, Caribert Irazi, Daniel M. Goodkind, and Roberto R. Ramirez. Issued January 2002.

60. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Temporary (Legal) Migrants [HTML] [PDF - 227K], by Rachel Cassidy and Lucinda Pearson. Issued January 2002.

59. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Legal Migrants [HTML] [PDF - 188K], by Marc J. Perry, Barbara J. Van der Vate, Lea Auman, and Kathleen Morris. Issued January 2002.

58. Evaluating Components of International Migration: Estimates of the Foreign-Born Population by Migrant Status in 2000 [HTML] [PDF - 126K], by Kevin E. Deardorff and Lisa M. Blumerman. Issued December 2001.

51. U.S. Census Bureau Measurement of Net International Migration to the United States: 1990 to 2000 [HTML] [PDF - 108K], by Tammany Mulder, Frederick Hollmann, Lisa Lollock, Rachel Cassidy, Joseph Costanzo, and Josephine Baker. Issued February 2002.

9. Estimates of Emigration of the Foreign-born Population: 1980-1990 , by Bashir Ahmed and J. Gregory Robinson. Issued December 1994.

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