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2009 National Population Projections (Supplemental)

The Population Projections Program produces projections of the United States resident population by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. The 2009 National Projections are a supplemental series to the 2008 National Projections released on August 14, 2008, and provide results for differing assumptions of net international migration. All other methodology and assumptions, including mortality and fertility, are the same as those used in the 2008 National Population Projections. The four 2009 series are useful for analyzing potential outcomes of different levels of net international migration.

The 2008 National Projections remain the recommended series for data users.

2009 National Population Projections (Supplemental) 
  • Methodology, Assumptions and Findings [PDF - 61k]  This document presents the methodology and assumptions used to produce the 2009 National Population Projections.
  • Analytical Document [PDF - 1.2M]  This document presents information on how the results of the 2009 National Population Projections vary according to different net international migration assumptions and compare to the 2008 National Population Projections in terms of population size and growth, age structure, and race and Hispanic origin distribution.
  • Summary Tables  These tables present the results of the population projections in summary form by various characteristics to facilitate access to the data. Files are available in both Excel (.xls) and CSV (.csv).
  • Comparison Tables  These tables compare the various scenarios in terms of total population, components of change (births, deaths, and net migration) and race and Hispanic origin in summary form. Files are available in both Excel (.xls) and CSV (.csv).
  • Downloadable Files  These files are designed for people interested in obtaining detailed data of the population projections for analytical purposes. The population projections by single year of age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin are available in Excel (.xls) and CSV (.csv) formats.

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