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Mapping Census 2000: The Geography of U.S. Diversity

Census 2000 Special Reports (CENSR/01-1)

Cover and Front Matter (557k) [PDF]

  1. Location Maps (1.3M) [PDF]
  2. Total Population (2.8M) [PDF]
  3. Diversity (1.4M) [PDF]
  4. White (3.1M) [PDF]
  5. Black or African American (3.4M) [PDF]
  6. American Indian and Alaska Native (3.5M) [PDF]
  7. Asian (3.7M) [PDF]
  8. Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (4.1M) [PDF]
  9. Two or More Races (1.2M) [PDF]
  10. Hispanic or Latino Origin (1.5M) [PDF]
  11. White, Not Hispanic or Latino Origin (3.2M) [PDF]

Entire report in one file (28.8M) [PDF]
Data tables used to create report

Also available: Census Atlas of the United States - the first comprehensive atlas of population and housing produced by the Census Bureau since the 1920s.

[PDF] or PDF denotes a file in Adobe’s Portable Document Format. To view the file, you will need the Adobe® Reader® Off Site available free from Adobe.

The pages in the report Mapping Census 2000: The Geography of U.S. Diversity were finalized in Adobe Illustrator. If you are using graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand, you may be able to view and modify the map files provided below. You will need to have or purchase Lucida Regular, Lucida Sans Regular and Lucida Sans Italic PostScript (Type 1) fonts to get exactly the same look as the Atlas maps. These files are provided as is (for instance, we do not assure the accuracy of boundaries hidden on the maps by a color banner or inset map).