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Special Tabulations

Custom Tabulations

In addition to special tabulations, produced from internal confidential Census Bureau data files, the term "custom tabulations" also includes tabulations of data extracted from publicly available data products, such as Census 2000 Summary File 1 or Summary File 3, available through American FactFinder. We encourage data users to create your own extracts using these tools. If you need assistance using American FactFinder to extract data, please call our Customer Services Center on 301-763-INFO. However, the Census Bureau can create Census 2000 data extracts from these publicly available files on a cost-reimbursable basis as time and resources permit. Requests for extracts may be submitted to the e-mail address pop.census.2000.special

The Census Bureau maintains a publicly available list of all custom tabulations that includes the names of the requesters and a brief description of the products. Once produced, custom tabulations also will be available upon request for the cost of reproduction.