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Selected Topics
  1. American Indian Population

    Find links to projections, estimates, maps, tables including information about the 25 largest American Indian Tribes, and Statistical Briefs.

  2. Ancestry

    Find links to Profiles of Selected Ancestry Groups (CPH-L-149) tables, We asked...You told us, and other sources of ancestry data.

  3. Baby Boomers - Characteristics of those born between 1946 and 1964 for United States and States from the Baby Boomer section of the Age Data page.

  4. Cities greater than 100,000 in 1990,

    - sorted by 1990 population

    - sorted by percent change from 1980 to 1990

  5. Density and Land Area Measurements

    - From the 1990 Census: States, Counties, Metropolitan Areas, and Places

    - From 1790 to 1990 for the United States

    - Density Distribution Maps from 1990: Total population, major races and Hispanic or Latino origin

  6. Disability Characteristics

    Find links to county estimates; disability status by age for the U.S., states, counties and metropolitan statistical areas; within state break down by sex and race.

  7. Estimates - Many of the estimates files contain counts from Decennial Censuses.
  8. The Foreign-Born Population

    Find links to reports, data tables and multi-media presentations; and from a variety of sources including the Current Population Survey.

  9. Hispanic Origin

    Find links to the 1990 and 2000 Census results, the Current Population Survey results, and population estimates and projections, Statistical Briefs, and documents related to the guidelines for classifying race and ethnic data.

  10. Journey To Work and Place of Work

    Find links to the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTTP2000), the 1990 Census data including 1990 County-to-County Worker Flows, and historical times series data.

  11. Language Use and English Ability

    Find links to the 1990 Census data summary tables on Language Use and English Ability.

  12. Migration

    Find links to detailed information about movers from censuses, the Current Population Suvery (CPS), the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), and population estimates data.

  13. Net Population Adjustment Matrices

    Find links to population adjustment data for the Nation and States.

  14. Occupation by Race, Hispanic Origin and Sex

    Link to a database for the U.S, states, counties and places of 50,000 or more persons.

  15. Population, Land Area, and Poverty Data for 1990 Census Tracts

    State by state files from Tables 1 and 19 of the 1990 Census of Population and Housing: Population and Housing Characteristics for Census Tracts and Block Numbering Areas (CPH-3) report.

Also Available:

1990 Census CPH-L Tables

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