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1990 Census of Population and Housing
Population and Housing Characteristics for Congressional Districts of the 103rd Congress (CPH-4)

One report for each State and the District of Columbia showing population and housing data for Congressional Districts, counties, places of 10,000 or more inhabitants, and minor civil division's (MCD's) of 10,000 or more inhabitants in selected States within each Congressional District.

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Table of Contents
Acknowledgments [PDF 26k]
How to Use [PDF 135k]
Table Finding Guide [PDF 23k]
User Notes [PDF 13k]
Iterations of detailed tables by state are available to download from the Census of Population and Housing Publications page.
Appendix A - Area Classifications [PDF 88k]
Appendix B - Definitions of Subject Classifications [PDF 364k]
Appendix C - Accuracy of Data [PDF 93k]
Appendix D - Collection and Processing Procedures [PDF 31k]
Appendix E - Facsimilies of Respondent Instructions and Questionnaire Pages [PDF 598k]
Appendix F - Data Products and User Assistance [PDF 88k]
Appendix G Maps (not available)

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