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Grandparents and Grandchildren

Demographic characteristics of grandparents and grandchildren are collected annually in the March Current Population Survey (CPS) for the Nation. More detail on other household and family characteristics for states, metropolitan areas, and other geographic areas is collected in the decennial census.

Current Population Survey (CPS) Reports

Definitions and Explanations

  1. 2012 CPS

    Coresident Grandparents and Grandchildren (P20-576)

  2. 1997 March CPS

    Coresident Grandparents and Grandchildren (P23-198)

Decennial Census

2000 Census

1990 Census

American Community Survey (ACS)

Working Papers

Data Availability

March Current Population Survey (CPS) data are available as CD-ROMS or as Magnetic Tape Reels or Cartridges. You may order any of these products through Product Catalog by clicking on the specific product you wish to order.

For Further Information

Contact: Fertility and Family Statistics Branch, U.S. Census Bureau, 301-763-2416.

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