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American Community Survey (ACS) data are used in federal, state, and local programs to assist tribal governments. All communities, including those with American Indian and Alaska Native residents, will benefit from the ACS. Participating in the ACS is important.

Data from the American Community Survey helps your community.

The information that the Census Bureau collects helps to determine how more that $675 billion dollars of federal funding each year is spent on infrastructure and services.

Tribal government officials: We need your help!

Encourage people to respond to the American Community Survey. The ACS is sent to a small number of addresses and the responses represent the entire community. Participating in the ACS is very important and every response improves the quality of our data.

Learn more about how to respond to the ACS and share these popular resources:

Need help getting, interpreting, or using data on American Indians and Alaska Natives?
  • Call the Census Bureau's Customer Service Center at 301-763-INFO (4636) or 1-800-923-8282
  • Consult the handbook:

American Community Survey data are used to support the:
  • Civil Rights Act
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
  • Indian Health Care Improvement Act
  • Native American Programs Act
  • Public Health Service Act
  • Veterans Benefits Improvement Act
  • Workforce Investment Act
American Community Survey data are used to administer:
  • Federal Affirmative Employment Plans
  • Higher Education and Student Assistance Programs
  • National Affordable Housing, Subchapter I
  • Nutritional Education Program
  • State Children's Health Insurance Program

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