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Detailed demographic, social, housing, and economic data from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) can strengthen and localize many news and feature stories.

Throughout the year ACS collects new data from randomly-selected addresses in the United States and Puerto Rico. Using ACS data, you can:

  • find statistics to support specific points
  • sift through data to see patterns
  • spot economic and demographic trends

Find facts on lots of topics including:

  • family and relationships
  • income and benefits
  • health insurance
  • education
  • disabilities
  • transportation
  • veteran status
  • housing and expenses

ACS data are produced for geographic areas ranging from neighborhoods to congressional districts to the entire nation.

To access ACS data, go to

For more information and interviews, contact the Public Information Office:
301-457-1037 (TDD)

The handbook Understanding and Using American Community Survey Data: What Journalists Need to Know or our PowerPoint presentations can also help you get the most from ACS.

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