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2016-2020 American Community Survey 5-year estimates are now available, including the Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Files and Variance Replicate Estimate (VRE) Tables.

Updates to the ACS Summary File

The American Community Survey (ACS) Office is currently testing a new format of the ACS Summary File (SF). The new Summary File contains three file types:

  1. Table Labels - Labels for table estimates
        Example: B01001_003 = “SEX BY AGE - Total Males Under 5 Years”
  1. ​Geography Labels - All geography labels within one file
        20181YRGeos.csv, 20185YRGeos.csv
        Example: 04000US06 = “California”
  1. Data Files - Data organized by table
        1YRData, 5YRData
        Example: B01001_003E for 04000US06 = 1,243,103

To provide feedback on the updated changes to the ACS SF format, please visit the Census Bureau's Developer's Forum through Slack. We would very much appreciate any complements or constructive criticism. Please be as specific as possible. 

Getting Started
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Getting Started

Updates to the ACS Summary File

Check out our proposed format and documentaion, downloadable from our FTP site. Please see the ACS Summary File GitHub repository for examples using SAS and Python.


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