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Pre-Release Webinar: New 2011-2015 ACS 5-Year Statistics on Detailed Race, Hispanic Origin, Ancestry, and Tribal Population Groups

Learn about the July 13, 2017 release of two new data products from the 2011-2015 American Community Survey: the Selected Population Tables and the American Indian and Alaska Native Tables. These tables provide an in-depth look at detailed population groups beyond those covered in the annual 1-year and 5-year American Community Survey products.

We will demonstrate how to access the data through American FactFinder for American Indian and Alaska Native tribes, as well as for hundreds of detailed race, Hispanic origin, tribal and ancestry populations at multiple levels of geography, including census tracts.

This is the first update to the data since the previous release based on the 2006-2010 American Community Survey.

A recording of this presentation is also available.

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