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FY 2014


  • Launched Content Review public website
  • Finalized decision criteria
  • Transmitted Agency letters

FY 2015


  • Complete legal review of Federal Agency citations
  • Communicate results to ICSP Sub-Committee
  • Publish Federal Register notice, and post for 60 days
  • Begin implementing recommendations
  • Receive approval of OMB clearance package


  • Completed all Agency plenary session
  • Began legal review of Federal Agency citations
  • Began information gathering with stakeholders and data users
  • Receive NAC Working Group final report
  • Conduct analysis and provide initial findings
  • Develop and vet recommendations
  • Reach final decision on recommendations


  • Submit proposed changes to OMB
  • OMB reviews proposed changes and issues in Federal Register Notice with 30-day public comment period
  • OMB notifies Census Bureau of final content decisions for 2016 ACS Questionnaire

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