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2016-2020 American Community Survey 5-year estimates are now available, including the Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Files and Variance Replicate Estimate (VRE) Tables.

Agility in Action

Knowing how critical the ACS is to the strength of our nation, the Census Bureau is constantly looking for ways to ensure that our customers trust and value the survey. Increasing the agility of the ACS in the face of constantly changing times that spawn new data needs ensures that we continue to deliver deep public value to our nation’s communities.

We are engaging in numerous activities to build and maintain customer support and awareness of, and trust in the ACS. Largely focused on providing a positive experience for our customers, the Census Bureau is working to minimize burden for survey respondents while still allowing the survey to be responsive to emergent issues, keeping content current, and maintaining the high quality of data that our country demands and deserves.

Agility in Action Working Papers

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