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Agility in Action: A Snapshot of Enhancements to the American Community Survey

Revised August 18, 2015

This report describes how the Census Bureau is working to minimize burden for ACS respondents while still allowing the survey to be responsive to emergent issues, keeping content current, and maintaining high quality data.

Research activities are described in the following subsections:

  • Evaluating the Availability and Suitability of Other Data Sources
  • Reducing Follow-Up Contact Attempts to ACS Respondents
  • Testing of ACS Mail Materials Messaging
  • Evaluating Modifications to Survey Questions
  • Evaluating Methods to Ask Questions Less Frequently or of Fewer Respondents
  • Communicating with Respondents on Why We Ask Questions
  • Data Use Awareness
  • Subject Matter Expert Engagement
  • Respondent Advocacy
  • Communication Strategy


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