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AHS 2013 Metropolitan Summary Tables

Component ID: #ti1871937332

This report presents summary statistical data from the 2013 American Housing Survey (AHS).  Topics covered include single-family homes, apartments, manufactured housing, vacant units, family composition, income, housing and neighborhood quality, housing costs, HVAC equipment, appliances, fuel type, remodeling and repair, and recent moves.

Component ID: #ti659523965

AHS Table Creator

Summary data are now available on the AHS Table Creator.

Complete Set of Tables

All tables aggregated into a single workbook for individual metropolitan areas.

xls   Austin   [2.5MB]
xls   Baltimore   [2.5MB]
xls   Boston   [2.5MB]
xls   Chicago   [2.5MB]
xls   Detroit   [2.5MB]
xls   Hartford   [2.5MB]
xls   Houston   [2.5MB]
xls   Jacksonville   [2.5MB]
xls   Las Vegas   [2.5MB]
xls   Louisville   [2.5MB]
xls   Miami   [2.5MB]
xls   Nashville   [2.5MB]
xls   New York City   [2.5MB]
xls   Oklahoma City   [2.5MB]
xls   Orlando   [2.5MB]
xls   Philadelphia   [2.5MB]
xls   Richmond   [2.5MB]
xls   Rochester   [2.5MB]
xls   San Antonio   [2.5MB]
xls   Seattle   [2.5MB]
xls   Tucson   [2.5MB]
xls   Washington DC   [2.5MB]
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