About Business Surveys

The U.S. Census Bureau business surveys and censuses measure the pulse of the U.S. economy, businesses, and governments. They provide data for businesses in the economic sectors such as manufacturing, construction, retail trade, health care, and services industries, as well as for state and local governments, and on imports and exports.

We conduct 56 monthly, quarterly, and annual surveys and censuses, and “periodic censuses” conducted every five years. Federal law mandates participation in some surveys or censuses. Others are voluntary. We encourage your participation.

business survey

We conduct business surveys only:

  • online/internet
  • by mail

For businesses, once we select your business for a survey or census, we will mail an official letter signed by a U.S. Census Bureau associate director, or a form, to your business.

  • We conduct business surveys only online or by mail.  Your letter or form will include instructions on how to respond.  If online reporting is available, we will provide a User ID and password for you, or your CPA, to log onto our electronic reporting website.
  • Single location businesses can fill out the form entirely online. Multi-location businesses have to download the Surveyor software to complete and submit their data. Businesses that previously did not report electronically, and did not request to do so at this time, receive a paper questionnaire.
  • If we do not receive a complete response, we will follow up.

The Census Bureau will always tell you whether your participation is mandatory or voluntary, and we encourage you to answer all questions asked.  To learn more about which surveys require mandatory participation, please find your survey - List of All Surveys.

To verify that a business survey is legitimate,  please refer to our Business Help Site first.  If you still have questions or concerns contact the National Processing Center and ask, "Am I in a survey?"

In processing the data, we use statistical methods to ensure that the statistics we release do not identify individuals or businesses.  We review and analyze our data extensively and take special precautions to avoid disclosing the sources.  Our statistics help businesses make informed decisions about expanding markets, creating jobs, introducing new products and services, and locating facilities.

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