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The Census Bureau offers Consolidated BAS (CBAS) agreements to counties that are interested in submitting boundary changes for the legal governments (consolidated cities, incorporated places, and minor civil divisions (MCDs)) within their jurisdiction.

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Benefits of CBAS

  • Helps to ensure collection of complete and accurate geographies.
  • County governments often have the resources to respond to the BAS using a digital response method, while many smaller governments still use paper maps or do not respond at all. The use of paper maps has shown to be slightly more inaccurate than when we receive a response digitally.
  • Reduces time and cost burdens on local governments.
  • Reduces duplication of effort between local and county governments and the Census Bureau.
  • The Census Bureau only has to work with one government (the county).  This saves budget and staff time (i.e. taxpayer dollars).

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If your county is interested in establishing a CBAS agreement, please complete the CBAS agreement form (BAS-6) below or contact the Census Bureau's Geography Division by telephone at 301-763-1099 or email The CBAS agreement form records the governments that wish to be included in the county’s consolidated BAS response. Local governments that are included in a CBAS agreement will no longer receive a BAS package each year, however they will receive notification announcing the commencement of the annual BAS.

For consolidated cities, places, and MCDs interested in joining a CBAS agreement, please review the Current Consolidated BAS Agreements list below. If your county is participating in CBAS, send a request to join the existing agreement to

Consolidated BAS Agreement Form

Current Consolidated BAS Agreements

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