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The purpose of a BAS state agreement is to coordinate the sharing of information and resources between the Census Bureau and state governments in collecting boundary information for selected legally defined geographic areas. Through this partnership with the state governments, the Census Bureau aims to reduce the duplication of effort among the various levels of government and the cost burden associated with the annual BAS.

The Census Bureau currently maintains BAS state agreements with eleven states and is working to establish new agreements with interested state governments.  Two types of BAS state agreements are available to states that enforce laws requiring local governments to report all boundary changes to a state agency. Under the first type of agreement, the state reports boundary changes for all incorporated places, minor civil divisions (if applicable), and counties within its jurisdiction to the annual BAS. The Census Bureau currently maintains this type of state agreement with Alaska, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. Under the second type of agreement, the state provides the Census Bureau with a list of local governments that reported boundary changes to the state. The Census Bureau uses this list to target those local governments for the BAS. The Census Bureau currently maintains the second type of agreement with Georgia.

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2020 BAS State Agreements

  •             Alaska
  •             Arkansas
  •             Georgia
  •             Kentucky
  •             Maine
  •             Massachusetts
  •             Michigan
  •             Tennessee
  •             Utah
  •             Washington
  •             Wisconsin

State Law Summary

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State Contact Information
Please contact the Census Bureau’s BAS Team by email at or by phone at 301-763-1099 for inquiries about your state’s BAS contact or if your state is interested in establishing a BAS state agreement.

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