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The two Census Advisory Committees are the National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations (NAC) and the Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC). For more than 50 years, Census Advisory Committees have been an active and effective resource for the Census Bureau. They provide valuable feedback for the Census Bureau to improve its programs and data products.

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National Advisory Committee (NAC)

The NAC considers topics such as hard to reach populations, race and ethnicity, language, aging populations, American Indian and Alaska Native tribal considerations, new immigrant populations, populations affected by natural disasters, highly mobile and migrant populations, complex households, rural populations, and population segments with limited access to technology. The Committee also advises on data privacy and confidentiality, among other issues.

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Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC)

The CSAC consists of up to 21 members appointed by the Director of the Census Bureau. CSAC addresses emerging census challenges including, adaptive design, cyber infrastructure, demographic, economic and statistical research and other technical priorities.

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