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Kelly Mathews, Jessica Phelan, Nicholas A. Jones, Sarah Konya, Rachel Marks, Beverly M. Pratt, Julia Coombs, Michael Bentley
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Executive Summary

Component ID: #ti982142951

Overview of 2015 National Content Test Research Study

The 2015 National Content Test (NCT) provides the U.S. Census Bureau with empirical research that contributes to the planning for the content of the 2020 Census race/ethnicity question(s). This report presents findings to the Census Bureau Director and executive staff on research conducted to assess optimal design elements that could be used in question(s) on race/ethnicity. The 2015 NCT is part of the research and development cycle leading up to a reengineered 2020 Census. The test was designed to compare different questionnaire design strategies for key census content areas including race and ethnicity, relationship, and within-household coverage and to provide research for informing content decisions prior to the 2020 Census.

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