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Version: 1.0
Prepared by: Decennial Census Management Division

The 2020 Census Evaluations and Experiments (EAE) operation covers operational assessments that document how well the 2020 Census was conducted; evaluations that analyze, interpret, and synthesize the effectiveness of census components and their impact on data quality, coverage, or both; and experiments that identify potential designs for early 2030 Census life cycle research and testing. Experiments are quantitative or qualitative studies that must occur during a decennial census in order to have meaningful results to inform planning for future decennial censuses. In general, experiments involve response comparisons between test treatments, new or modified methods, or procedures against 2020 Census production methods or procedures.

The EAE operation performs the following functions:

  • Assesses the 2020 Census operations through operational assessments and evaluations.
  • Formulates a 2020 Census experimental program that will further refine 2030 Census operational design options.
  • Captures and manages knowledge stemming from decennial research recommendations and tracks action plans on how they are addressed.
  • Contributes to the formulation of the 2030 Census Research and Testing phase objectives.
  • Contributes and informs, as appropriate, simulation of the 2030 life cycle budget.
  • Produces an independent Demographic Analysis of population and housing unit coverage.

Business Process Model

The purpose of this BPM is to describe the Census Operations business processes – activities, resources and key milestones.

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