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2020 Census Program Management Review Agenda

Welcome and High-Level Program Updates

Lisa Blumerman, Associate Director, Decennial Census Programs; Shirin Ahmed, Assistant Director, Decennial Census Programs

2020 Census Readiness (Operations and Systems)

Deirdre Bishop, Decennial Census Management Division; Atri Kalluri, Decennial Information Technology Division; Michael Bentley, Decennial Statistics Studies Division; Patricia McGuire, Information Technology Directorate

Operational Updates

  • Geographic Programs — Greg Hanks, Geography Division
  • Tribal Consultations — Dee Alexander, Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Census Questionnaire Assistance Contract — Alexa Jones-Puthoff, Decennial Census Management Division
  • Integrated Partnership and Communications Contract — Tasha Boone, Decennial Communications Coordination Office; Kendall Johnson, Customer Liaison and Marketing Services Office

Wrap Up

Shirin Ahmed, Assistant Director, Decennial Census Programs

pdf Wrap Up [<1.0 MB]

ZIP File of all Materials

Download all materials for the 2020 Census Program Briefing for January 29, 2016 in this single file.

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