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April 2017 Monthly Status Report

Component ID: #ti300749695

Key Program Updates

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2017 Census Test

  • Census Day occurred on April 1, 2017.
  • Completed training for all Customer Service Representatives on April 14, 2017.
  • Completed all contacts (1 through 5) (internet invitations, questionnaires, reminder letters and postcards) for the 2017 Census Test on schedule from March 20, 2017 through April 20, 2017.

Component ID: #ti300749694

2018 End-to-End Census Test

  • Accepted space for the Seattle Area Census Office (ACO) on April 4, 2017. Official open date is to be determined (TBD).
  • Transitioned Learning Management System and Third-Party Vendor (3PV) Fingerprinting Solution Acquisition to the Census Schedule A, Human Resources, and Recruiting Payroll System (C-SHaRPS) team.
  • Held Operational Readiness Review Kick-off meeting for Training Release 1: Address Canvassing on April 12, 2017.
  • Continued to complete key milestones in support of production readiness - Training Release
    1 (Address Canvassing onboarding and training) and Release A (In-Field Address Canvassing) systems.
  • Continued successfully testing threads and interfaces for Release A and Training Release 1.
  • On-boarded some of the March 8, 2017, Test Readiness Review (TRR) Systems into the Technical Integrator (TI) Cloud environment, and will use the TI software development and information technology process, including Enterprise Censuses and Surveys Enabling (ECaSE). This activity started in April, and will continue until Address Canvassing goes live
    later this summer.

Component ID: #ti300749693

2020 Census Operations

  • Received the final delivery of Internal Demand Models from the Technical Integrator. Currently have demand models for all external and internal interfaces.
  • Continued production of the 2020 Census In-Office Address Canvassing Interactive Review, and met the expected production goals. The clerks completed 10,347,534 blocks during Interactive Review from the beginning of production in September 2015 through April 30, 2017. One hundred and eight staff members are working Interactive Review (IR) in production and 12 are performing Quality Control (QC).
  • Presented high-level objectives of the Census Bureau and United States Postal Service coordination team partnership and responsibilities at the 2020 Program Management Review on April 21, 2017. The high-level objectives fell under four categories: Mailing and Delivery Services, Data Products and Services, Workforce Services, and Cross-cutting
  • The Archiving Operation met with the National Archives and Records Administration’s
    Information Technology (IT) representatives, along with the Census Bureau’s Records
    Administrators and the Decennial Systems Architects on April 10, 2017 to discuss solutions
    for proper records transfer.

Component ID: #ti300749691

Oversight and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Conducted the quarterly 2020 Census Program Management Review on April 21, 2017.

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