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July 2019 Monthly Status Report

Component ID: #ti985616856

General Update

Pursuant to the Supreme Court’s June 27 decision that determined the Department’s explanation to include a citizenship question on the 2020 Census insufficient to support the Department’s decision, the Census Bureau began the printing process for 2020 Census paper questionnaires without the citizenship question on July 2. A total of 43.5 million questionnaires were printed in July. In addition to questionnaires, 217.6 million letters, inserts, and envelopes have been printed as of July 29.

Since the Supreme Court’s ruling, on July 11, the White House issued an Executive Order on Collecting Information about Citizenship Status in Connection with the Decennial Census. This includes “ordering the establishment of an interagency working group to improve access to administrative records, with a goal of making available to the Department administrative records showing citizenship data for 100 percent of the population.”

In preparation for In‐Field Address Canvassing which fully begins on August 18, the Census Bureau conducted a “soft launch” effort in July. The soft launch included early training and culminated with an In‐Field Address Canvassing production “capstone day”. The capstone day is the last day of training; notably, it is during this last day of training that a production case is worked.

The deployment of the Wave 2 Area Census Offices is being closely monitored to expedite buildout and ensure readiness. Actions such as modifying construction plans, using Reimbursable Work Agreements, and developing contingency plans for offices that are trending late, are being implemented.

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