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Version 1.5
Prepared by Robert Kulzick, Laura Kail, Shawnna Mullenax, Hubert Shang, Brian Kriz, Gina Walejko, Monica Vines, Nancy Bates, Steven Scheid, and Yazmín García Trejo

This report details additional foundational research on modeling and segmentation conducted in support of the 2020 Census Integrated Partnership and Communications Program. Modeling efforts offer predictions of Census tract overall self-response rates, proportion of self-response on the internet, and timing of response.

The report also includes psychographic mindsets, which are groupings of people according to their attitudes and beliefs, based upon results of the 2020 Census Barriers, Attitudes, and Motivators Study Survey.

Finally, the paper contains details regarding the final tract-level audience segmentation strategy, which is based on demographic and behavioral data and profiled with mindsets. The Census Bureau will use this research to create tailored messages, craft creative materials, and to identify efficiencies when determining where and when to allocate advertising.

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