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To meet the strategic goals and objectives for the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau must make fundamental changes to the design, implementation, and management of the decennial census.  These changes must build upon the successes and address the challenges of the previous censuses while also balancing challenges of cost containment, quality, flexibility, innovation, and maintaining a disciplined and transparent acquisition decision process.

The 2020 Census is conducting a Research and Testing (R&T) Phase to obtain evidence-based decisions to address the challenges listed above.  The objective of the R&T Phase is to develop preliminary designs based on solid evidence and a trade-off analysis aimed at achieving the goal of conducting the 2020 Census at a lower cost than the 2010 Census (per housing unit on an inflation-adjusted basis).  Creating an evidence-based design requires making design decisions informed by the best insights that can be gathered−within schedule and budget constraints−on costs, benefits, and risks of different combinations of design options.


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