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The economic census does not provide information on the following items:

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Occupation Data

The economic census publishes data on employees by occupation for selected industries as a special inquiry, but are not available for all industries.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes data by occupation. The American Community Survey also publishes some labor force and occupation data.

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"Small business" Designation

Users must define "small" for their purposes. There are employment- and receipt-size tables from the economic census as well as Statistics of U.S. Businesses, and County Business Patterns.

Information on small business size standards based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) classification codes may be obtained from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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The Census Bureau collects and publishes data about business activity. The Census Bureau does not forecast or project business activity nor trends.

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Business Failures

There are data on births and deaths in Statistics of U.S. Businesses. However, "death" does not distinguish between closures and failures.

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Advice on Business Plans

The Small Business Administration has resources for business planning.

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Lists of Businesses

The Census Bureau is not permitted to release information about individual persons or businesses including name, address and industry classification.

The Center for Economic Studies does allow for some approved research projects using individual data records.

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Consumer Spending

The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases information about consumer spending.

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Offshore Outsourcing

The Census Bureau does not publish data on offshore outsourcing.

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Business Expenses Data Moved to Other Series

Business expenses are no longer exclusively collected as a part of the economic census. The following table series from the Economic Census still include business expenses data:

  • Construction: Summary Series: General Summary
  • Manufacturing (Census Years only): Summary Series: General Summary
  • Mining: Summary Series: General Summary

In addition, business expenses can be found in these surveys & on the Business Expense Supplement (BES) site:

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