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Understanding Economic Census Data Series

Core Business Statistics Series

The Core Business Statistics Series provides statistics on the number of establishments; employment; payroll; and value of sales, receipts, revenue, or shipments for establishments of firms with paid employees for individual industries at the US and/or state level in five data tables to be released on, starting with the First Look tables in September 2019.   Descriptions of each table can be found on the Understanding Economic Census Data Series: Core Business Statistics Series page.

Geographic Area Series

The Geographic Area Series provides detailed industry statistics by geographic area for establishments of firms with paid employees. Data are shown on the 2017 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) basis. These data supersede the data shown in the First Look Series, and may be superseded by data shown in later publication series for selected sectors. The data are released on a flow basis by sector by state; see the 2017 Release Schedules for more information. Many of the available geographic areas presented have changed for the 2017 Economic Census; see Geographic Updates on the New in 2017 page for more information.

The statistics, NAICS levels, and the geographic areas covered vary by sector and are described on the Understanding Economic Census Data Series: Geographic Area Series page.

Industry Series

Starting with the 2017 Economic Census, the Industry Series has been replaced by the First Look data as part of the Core Business Statistics

Subject & Summary Series

The Subject and Summary Series include summary data by industry and other special topics. These data summarize and supersede the information released in the Industry and/or Geographic Area Series. Content for these series are grouped together by topic reports, which include:

  • Product lines, Product Summary, and Industry-Product Analysis Summary (What products an industry makes or sells?)

  • Concentration ratios (How much do the largest firms contribute to the data?)

  • Establishment and firm size (How large are the establishments or firms within an industry?)

  • Other miscellaneous topics (e.g. class of customer, type of food service, end-of-year inventory, petroleum bulk storage, etc.)

  • General Summary (Detailed Manufacturing, Mining, and Construction data for the US)

  • Materials Summary (What materials are used by Manufacturing and Mining industries)

  • Location of Plants Summary (Where are manufacturing plants located)

    Data for these topics are primarily available at the U.S. level and, for selected topics, at the state level. Topics covered by each sector will vary. For a sector-by-sector break out,see the Understanding Economic Census Data Series: Subject & Summary Series page.

Core Business Statistics Series Data Tables Sets

First Look: presents preliminary data at the 2 - 6 digit 2017 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) levels for 2017. These data will be superseded by subsequent data files in this and other series.

Franchise Statistics Report: presents data for selected industries, identified by 6 digit 2017 NAICS codes, with establishments engaged in franchising.

Comparative Statistics Report: presents data at the 2-6 digit 2017 NAICS levels for 2017 and 2012, at the US and State geography levels.

Bridge Between 2017 NAICS and 2012 NAICS Report: presents 2017 data for industries whose NAICS classification has changed between 2017 and 2012. The Bridge Report is released in two tables. For the first table, data are shown for each of the 6 digit 2017 NAICS industries and their 8 digit 2012 NAICS components. In the second table, data are shown for each corresponding  6 digit 2012 NAICS industry and its 8 digit 2017 NAICS components.


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