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Understanding Economic Census Data Series: Core Business Statistics Series

Core Business Statistics Series Data Tables Sets

First Look: presents preliminary data at the 2 - 6 digit 2017 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) levels for 2017. These data will be superseded by subsequent data files in this and other series.

Franchise Statistics Report:
presents data for selected industries, identified by 6 digit 2017 NAICS codes, with establishments engaged in franchising.

Comparative Statistics Report: presents data at the 2-6 digit 2017 NAICS levels for 2017 and 2012, at the US and State geography levels.

Bridge Between 2017 NAICS and 2012 NAICS Report: presents 2017 data for industries whose NAICS classification has changed between 2017 and 2012. The Bridge Report is released in two tables. For the first table, data are shown for each of the 6 digit 2017 NAICS industries and their 8 digit 2012 NAICS components. In the second table, data are shown for each corresponding  6 digit 2012 NAICS industry and its 8 digit 2017 NAICS components.


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