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For assistance, please contact the Census Call Center at 1-800-923-8282 (toll free) or visit for further information.

Contact Information for Specific Programs

  • Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro): The U.S. Census Bureau provides email support for CSPro at You may submit your question to the support team in English, French, or Spanish. Please attach any supporting programs or data files that are relevant to your question to your email.
  • Global Population Mapping: Please contact for more information about any of the international mapping projects described on this site.
  • HIV/AIDS Surveillance: For information on products or services related to international HIV/AIDS surveillance, please email the Census Bureau's Health Studies Branch at The HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data Base is updated annually. The Census Bureau welcomes comments and suggestions from users of the Data Base as well as copies of articles or references to information which may have been overlooked.
  • International Demographic and Economic Analysis: For information on products or services related to international demographic and economic analysis, including the International Data Base, please email
  • International Training Program: For inquiries regarding our international training and capacity building program, including our DC-based workshops, please contact

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