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Diversity: Languages Spoken in the United States

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Activity Description

A family of Asian ethnicity happily eating a meal together at home

Students will learn how communities thrive with a broad diversity of residents. The worksheet focuses on simple data points that show the distribution of people who speak only English at home and people who speak a language other than English at home throughout their state and country. Students will learn how demographic information and trends affect their local community.

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Suggested Grade Level


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Approximate Time Required

45 minutes

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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Calculate percentages based on data provided.
  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively based on data.
  • Draw conclusions based on information shared in a discussion.
  • Understand and explain the term “diversity.”
  • Understand the importance of the decennial census and how it tells them important information about people in their state.

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Materials Required

  • Printed student worksheets
  • Calculators for each student
  • A board or chart paper to record student answers
  • A computer and projector (optional)

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