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Counting Children

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It is important to count all children, but those under the age of 5 are often missed, particularly when they don't live in the same home as both parents. When newborn babies and young children are not included in the census, support for programs such as health insurance, hospitals, child care, food assistance, schools, and early childhood development is impacted. It is critical to get this count right for the 2020 Census, and teachers and other educators can help.

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Shaping the Future for Young Children

The 2020 Census helps determine how much money communities receive for the critical resources that children and families will depend on for the next 10 years—basically, an entire childhood! Resources that could be impacted include food assistance, Head Start, child care, housing support, public schools, early intervention services for children with special needs, and children’s health insurance. Knowing how many children there are and where they live is essential to getting those services and programs to them.

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How Schools Can Help

Helping is easy. You can:

  • Use new activities that the U.S. Census Bureau's Statistics in Schools program created specifically for the 2019-2020 school year. These activities will educate students and the adults in their home about the importance of the 2020 Census, with a special focus on counting all children.
  • Reach the adults in your students' homes by sending them the take-home flyer (in English or Spanish) and some of the other materials provided below.
  • Share information and materials such as the preschool educator flyer with other educators in your school and personal network.

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2020 Resources

New activities designed specifically for the 2019-2020 school year spotlight the 2020 Census and the importance of making sure everyone is counted, especially children. Download activities for pre-K through 12th grade today to make a difference for your students, school, and community.


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Help Us Count All Young Children

Want to know more about what the Census Bureau is doing to make sure all young children are counted, and counted in the right place? Learn more about our Improving the Count of Young Children campaign and how you can help.


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