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Do your students know that the 2020 Census is underway? Bring the message home with this letter.

Friday, March 6: Shape My Community’s Future

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The goal of Statistics in Schools Week, Day 5, is to empower students to shape their community’s future by encouraging community leaders, parents, and other adults in their home to respond to the 2020 Census. Younger students will draw what they want to see in their community and will ask the adults in their home to answer brief questions about what they want to see. Older students will write a letter to a community leader to encourage that person to make sure everyone in their community is counted in the 2020 Census.

Most importantly, give the SIS take-home flyer to every student in your class. This flyer, available in English and 12 additional languages, explains to adults the importance of the 2020 Census and how to count every child in their home.

Today’s Activity

Download the teacher and student versions below for the ‘Shape My Community’s Future” activity.

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