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Worksheets: Grades 9-12

Direct students to data that helps them dive deeper into topics such as women in the workforce, immigration patterns, changes in family structure, and the link between education and income. Use the tabs below to find age-appropriate, interactive activities. Corresponding teachers' guides are available for each activity.


Grades 9-12
  • Grades 9-12
  • Grade 9
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  • Grade 12
Grades 9-12

Worksheets: Grades 9-12

Applying Correlation Coefficients

Census in Counties

Biking to Work

Commuting to Work: Box Plots, Central Tendency, Outliers

Women in the Workforce 1940-2010

The Missouri Compromise - A Primary Source Analysis

Using Interactive Maps to Interpret U.S. Territorial Expansion

Antebellum Economy - Understanding Employment in 1850

Analyzing Correlations of Education and Income

Analyzing Correlations of Education and Income

The Modern Family: Changes in Structure and Living Arrangements

The Modern Family

Exploring 19th Century Child Labor in the U.S.

Exploring 19th-Century Child Labor Laws in the United States

An Analysis of the Millennial Generation

An Analysis of the Millennial Generation

An Investigation Into Immigration and Migration in the U.S.

An Investigation Into Immigration and Migration in the United States

Poverty in America

Conducting a Mini Field Study

1937 Unemployment Census

"To Kill a Mockingbird": An Introduction to 1930s America

19th Century Immigration - Causes & Effects

Adopting an Entrepreneurial Mindset - Using Census Data for Business

Post-World War II Globalization - U.S. Citizens Living Overseas

Geographic Mobility in the United States - 1920-1950

Using the Decennial Census to Draw Conclusions About American Life

Maps and Graphs - Exploring the U.S. Island Territories

Exploring Federal Policy About Native Americans in the Late 1800s

Post-Civil War: Regional Shifts in U.S. Population by Age and Sex

Trends in Congressional Apportionment

Median Income Patterns in the United States

Educational Attainment and Marriage Age

Over the Hill - Aging on a Normal Curve

The New Normal

Young adult students

How is Young Adulthood Changing?

College completion

Annotating Informational Text

Exploring 19th Century Population Growth through Interactive Maps

The Highway System - Its Development and Impact on the United States

The Progressives and the 1920s Census

The Progressives and the 1920 Census

Exploring the Great Migration: 1910-1970

Exploring the Great Migration – 1910-1970

Learning Through Maps

Women's Roles in Antebellum America


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