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Research @ Census

Census at the 2012 Population Association of America Annual Meeting

Demographic research is key to the success of many of the Census Bureau's programs. Our presence at the PAA Annual Meeting Link to a non-federal Web site provided Census Bureau staff the opportunity to present their latest research findings and exchange ideas with fellow demographers with a goal toward improving Census Bureau programs.

Census Bureau staff were at sessions throughout the PAA Annual Meeting Link to a non-federal Web site:

  • May 3
    • 8:30am - International Migration
      • Elizabeth M. Grieco, U.S. Census Bureau; Luke J. Larsen, U.S. Census Bureau; Edward N. Trevelyan, U.S. Census Bureau, "The Size, Place of Birth, and Geographic Distribution of the Foreign-Born Population in the United States: 1960 to 2010."
    • 10:30am - Family Formation in Comparative-Historical Perspective
      • Rose M. Kreider, U.S. Census Bureau; Diana B. Elliott, U.S. Census Bureau; Kristy Krivickas, U.S. Census Bureau; Matthew W. Brault, U.S. Census Bureau, "Historical Marriage Trends from 1890 to 2010: A Focus on Race Differences."
    • 10:30am - Economic Downturns and Children's Outcomes
      • Nan M. Astone, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Jason Fields, U.S. Census Bureau, "Children with Special Health Care Needs: In the Footprint of the Great Recession."
    • 11:30am - Poster Session 2
      • Renuka Bhaskar, U.S. Census Bureau; Christopher Dick, U.S. Census Bureau, "County-Level Distribution of Recent Foreign-Born Immigrants."
      • Jennifer M. Ortman, U.S. Census Bureau; Frederick W. Hollmann, U.S. Census Bureau; Christine E. Guarneri, U.S. Census Bureau, "Measuring Multiple-Race Births in the United States."
    • 1:30pm - Residential Segregation
      • Liliana Sousa, U.S. Census Bureau, "Identifying Ethnic Enclaves Using Linked Employer-Household Data."
    • 1:30pm - Evaluation of the Census Bureau's Population Estimates: The 2010 Census Verdict
      • Panel Discussion: Jason Devine, U.S. Census Bureau; Alexa Jones-Puthoff, U.S. Census Bureau; Warren A. Brown, Cornell University; Jack Baker, University of New Mexico; Connie Citro, National Research Council.
    • 1:30pm - Conceptualization and Measurement of Poverty
      • Trent Alexander, U.S. Census Bureau; Misty L. Heggeness, U.S. Census Bureau; Sharon Stern, U.S. Census Bureau, "Alternative Strategies for Grouping People into Resource Units: Measuring Poverty in the American Community Survey."
      • Trudi Renwick, U.S. Census Bureau; Kathleen S. Short, U.S. Census Bureau; Alemayehu Bishaw, U.S. Census Bureau; Charles Hokayem, U.S. Census Bureau, "Using the American Community Survey (ACS) to Implement a Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM)."
    • 1:30pm - Immigration and Integration in the Workplace and Housing
      • Fredrik Andersson, Department of the Treasury; Monica Garcia-Perez, St. Cloud University; John Haltiwanger, University of Maryland; Kristen McCue, U.S. Census Bureau; Seth Sanders, Duke University, "Workplace Concentration of Immigrants."
    • 3:00pm - Poster Session 3
      • Carolyn A. Hronis, U.S. Census Bureau, "Creation of a Child Well-Being Index Using the Survey of Income and Program Participation."
      • Jeongsoo Kim, U.S. Census Bureau; Daniel Perez-Lopez, U.S. Census Bureau, "Using Administrative Records to Assess Accuracy of Reporting in the Survey of Income and Program Participation: The Case of SNAP in Texas."
      • William K. Koerber, U.S. Census Bureau; Megan J. Benetsky, University of Maryland, "How Do the ACS Five-Year Migration Data Compare to the 2000 Census Migration Data?"
  • May 4
    • 8:00am - Poster Session 4
      • Ben C. Bolender, U.S. Census Bureau; Irene Dokko, U.S. Census Bureau; Jamie Lewis, U.S. Census Bureau; "Metropolian and Nonmetropolitan Counties: Evaluation of Postcensal Population Estimates and Census 2010 Results."
      • Bethany DeSalvo, U.S. Census Bureau; Mark Bauder, U.S. Census Bureau; Sam Szelepka, U.S. Census Bureau, "Improving Health Insurance Estimates: Using the American Community Survey to Estimate Health Insurance Coverage for Counties in the United States."
      • Thomas A. Gryn, U.S. Census Bureau; Edward N. Trevelyan, U.S. Census Bureau; Jeff Pongsiri, University of Maryland; Joanna Kling, University of Maryland; Megan J. Benetsky, University of Maryland; Samaneh Tabrizi, University of Maryland; Savet Hong, University of California, Berkeley, "An Examination of Imputation Patterns for Data on the Foreign-Born Population in the American Community Survey, 2006-2010."
      • Grayson K. Vincent, U.S. Census Bureau; Christine E. Guarneri, U.S. Census Bureau, "Projecting Fertility for the 2012 National Population Projections."
    • 8:30am - Poverty Measurement: Households and the Lifecourse
      • Ashley Edwards, U.S. Census Bureau, "An Initial Evaluation of Poverty in the SIPP-EHC."
    • 8:30am - Same-Sex Partnerships
      • Daphne A. Lofquist, U.S. Census Bureau, "Same-Sex Couples' Consistency in Reports of Marital Status."
    • 10:30am - Future is Now: Realignment of Current Survey Management and Operations at the Census Bureau
      • Panel Discussion: Nancy Potok, U.S. Census Bureau; Enrique Lamas, U.S. Census Bureau; Ruth Ann Killion, U.S. Census Bureau; Barbara O'Hare, U.S. Census Bureau
    • 12:30pm - Methodological Innovations in AIDS-Related Research
      • Thomas M. McDevitt, U.S. Census Bureau, "The Impact of AIDS Mortality on Indirect Estimates of Fertility."
    • 2:00pm - Poster Session 6
      • Evgeni Andreev, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research; Ward Kingkade, U.S. Census Bureau, "Average Age at Death in Infancy: Reconsidering the Coale-Demeny Formulas at Current Levels of Low Mortality."
      • Eric B. Jensen, U.S. Census Bureau; Belkines Arenas-Germosen, U.S. Census Bureau, "Recent Trends in the Racial and Ethnic Composition of Immigrant Flows to the United States: 2000-2010."
      • Laryssa Mykyta, U.S. Census Bureau; Suzanne Macartney, U.S. Census Bureau, "Transitions in Living Arrangements and Economic Downturns: Does Doubling Up Improve Economic Well-Being?"
      • Rachael Walsh, U.S. Census Bureau; Daniel Perez-Lopez, U.S. Census Bureau, "Reducing Person Non-Response in Conversational Interviewing: The Redesign of the Survey of Income and Program Participation."
    • 2:30pm - Evaluating Population Projections
      • Melissa Scopilliti, U.S. Census Bureau, Chair
      • Peter Johnson, U.S. Census Bureau, Discussant
      • Jennifer M. Ortman, U.S. Census Bureau, "Evaluation of the U.S. Census Bureau's 2008 and 2009 National Population Projections."
    • 2:30pm - Social Support and Family Well-Being
      • Lindsay M. Monte, U.S. Census Bureau; Jason Fields, U.S. Census Bureau, "It Takes a Household? Co-Residential Family Networks and Child Well-Being."
  • May 5
    • 10:30am - Innovations in Data, Methods, and Measurement
      • Rachael Walsh, U.S. Census Bureau, "Interviewer Effect on Conversational Interviews: Results from the 2010 & 2011 SIPP-EHC."
Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Research and Methodology Directorate | | Last Revised: August 01, 2014