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Our Researchers

Our researchers produce innovations that keep our economic and social statistics efficient and relevant. Census researchers engage in challenging and rewarding work in a wide variety of fields. Researchers present their findings in working papers, publications, and reports, and in contributions at professional meetings.

Erika McEntarfer 
Principal Economist and LEHD Research Team Lead 
Center for Economic Studies 

Contact Information

  • 301-763-8555  
  • erika.mcentarfer@census.gov  

Fields of Interest

  • Employment Dynamics  
  • Job Mobility and Wage Growth  
  • Earnings Instability  


  • Ph.D., Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 2002  
  • B.A., Social Science, Bard College, 1995  

Professional Experience

  • Principal Economist and LEHD Research Team Lead, Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics Program, Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Census Bureau, 2010-Present  
  • Economist, Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Department of the Treasury, 2008-2010  
  • Economist, Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics Program, U.S. Census Bureau, 2002-2008  
  • Lecturer, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2000-2002  

Professional Associations

  • Conference on Research on Income and Wealth
  • American Economic Association

Selected Publications

  • Hyatt, Henry and Erika McEntarfer. 2012. "Job-to-Job Flows in the Great Recession ." Off Site American Economic Review, 102 (3): 580–583.
  • McEntarfer, Erika, John Haltiwanger, Melissa Bjelland, and Bruce Fallick. 2011. "Employer-to-Employer Flows in the United States: Estimates Using Linked Employer-Employee Data." Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 29 (4): 493-505.
  • McEntarfer, Erika, Amos Golan, and Julia Lane. 2007. "The Dynamics of Worker Reallocation within and across Industries." Economica, 74 (293): 1-20.
  • McEntarfer, Erika and Julia Lane. 2006. "Firms that Hire and Advance Low Earners: A Closer Look." In , Moving Up or Moving On: Who Advances in the Low-Wage Labor Market?, ed. Russell Sage Foundation .
  • McEntarfer, Erika and Lisa Kahn. 2014. "Employment Cyclicality and Firm Quality." NBER Working Paper, no. 20698.
  • Hyatt, Henry and Erika McEntarfer. 2012. "Job-to-Job Flows and the Business Cycle." PDF US Census Bureau Center for Economic Stuides Working Paper Series , CES-12-04.
  • McEntarfer, Erika, Liliana Sousa, Henry Hyatt, and John Haltiwanger. 2012. "Job Creation, Worker Churning, and Wages at Young Businesses." Kauffman Foundation.

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