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Our Researchers
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Our Researchers

Our researchers produce innovations that keep our economic and social statistics efficient and relevant. Census researchers engage in challenging and rewarding work in a wide variety of fields. Researchers present their findings in working papers, publications, and reports, and in contributions at professional meetings.

Emin Dinlersoz 
Senior Economist 
Center for Economic Studies 

Contact Information

  • 301-763-7889  
  • emin.m.dinlersoz@census.gov  

Fields of Interest

  • Industrial Organization  
  • Applied Microeconomics  
  • Econometrics  
  • Labor Economics  


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Rochester, 2000  
  • B.S., Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, 1994  

Professional Experience

  • Senior Economist, Center for Economic Studies, US census Bureau, 2012-Present  
  • Economist, Center for Economics Studies, US Census Bureau, 2009-2012  
  • Senior Economist, Cornerstone Research, Inc., 2007-2009  
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Houston, 2000-2007  

Selected Publications

  • Dinlersoz, Emin, Henry Hyatt, and Jeremy Greenwood. 2017. "What Businesses Attract Unions? Unionization over the Life-Cycle of US Establishments." Off Site Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 70(3): 733-766.
  • Dinlersoz, Emin and Jeremy Greenwood. 2013. "The Rise and Fall of Unions in the U.S." CES Working Paper Series, 12-12r.
  • Dinlersoz, Emin, Henry Hyatt, and Sang V. Nguyen. 2013. "The Plant Life-Cycle of the Average Wage of Employees in U.S. Manufacturing." Off Site PDF IZA Journal of Labor Economics, 2 (7): 1-23.
  • Dinlersoz, Emin. 2012. "Information and Industry Dynamics." American Economic Review, 102(2):884-913.
  • Dinlersoz, Emin and Han Li. 2012. "Quality-based Price Discrimination: Evidence from Internet Retailers' Shipping Options." Journal of Retailing, 88(2):276-290..
  • Dinlersoz, Emin and Can Dogan. 2010. "Tariffs vs. Anti-dumping Duties." International Review of Economics and Finance, 19(3):436-451.
  • Dinlersoz, Emin and Glenn MacDonald. 2009. "The Industry Life-cycle of the Size Distribution of Firms." Review of Economic Dynamics, 12(4):648-667.
  • Dinlersoz, Emin. 2008. "Informative Advertising by Heterogeneous Firms." Information Economics and Policy, 20(2):168-191.

Approved on: November 3, 2015
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