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Monthly Retail Trade

The Advance Monthly and Monthly Retail Trade Surveys (MARTS and MRTS), the Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS), and the Quarterly E-Commerce Report work together to produce the most comprehensive data available on retail economic activity in the United States. More detailed descriptions of these programs can be found by choosing one of the links to the left or by visiting the ARTS page.


  • Notice of Revision: : Monthly retail sales estimates were revised on April 24, 2023 based on the results of the 2021 Annual Retail Trade Survey and the Service Annual Survey. The Annual Revision of Monthly Retail and Food Services showing revised estimates can be found on our website at https://www.census.gov/retail/mrts/historic_releases.html

  • See our latest Monthly State Retail Sales (MSRS) release, the Census Bureau's experimental data product featuring modeled state-level retail sales.

  • Check out our latest blog post, Inflation and the U.S. Census Bureau's Economic Indicator Programs.

  • FRED Mobile App: Receive the latest updates on the nation's key economic indicators by downloading the FRED App for both Apple and Android devices. FRED, the signature database of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, now incorporates the Census Bureau's 13 economic indicators.

  • API: The URL for the economic indicators data in the Census Bureau API (Application Programming Interface) has been updated to add /timeseries/. Examples can be found on the Developers' webpage.

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