Table 1.     Estimated Quarterly U.S. Retail Sales: Total and E-commerce1

(Estimates are based on data from the Monthly Retail Trade Survey and administrative records.)

(p) Preliminary estimate. (r) Revised.

1E-commerce sales are sales of goods and services where an order is placed by the buyer or price and terms of sale are negotiated over an Internet, extranet, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) network, electronic mail, or other online system. Payment may or may not be made online.

2Estimates are adjusted for seasonal variation, but not for price changes. Total sales estimates are also adjusted for trading-day differences and moving holidays.

Note: Table 2 provides estimated measures of sampling variability. For information on confidentiality protection, sampling error, sample design, and definitions, see


Source: Retail Indicators Branch, U.S. Census Bureau
Last Revised: May 18, 2010