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VPLX: Variance Estimation for Complex Samples

UNIX Version

The source code to the UNIX version is virtually identical to the Win 95/97/NT version. An executable compiled on a SUN workstation under Solaris is offered here, but it may not run or run correctly on other systems. The Fortran source may be compiled with f77 or f90.

  • vplx.f - Fortran source for 1998.09 (1,771K)

  • vplerror.txt - an ASCII file with text for error messages (173K)

  • vplx - SUN executable (1,513K)

The author would like to be contacted directly about installation on a UNIX environment, and there is not yet general documentation on this. A few suggestions are included here, however.

vplerror.txt is a file giving interpretations of VPLX error codes, and if vplx knows its location, it will find and display the interpretation of the corresponding error code.

If you recompile vplx.f with f77, -O3 is the recommended choice for execution speed. Compilation requires about 13 minutes on a Sparc 10. Before you compile, you should choose a directory for vplerror.txt. Change one line of vplx.f (about line 140), which includes the character string


(you can search on this) to point to where you have stored the file. You should find in vplx.f:


and change it to, say,


If you do not recompile vplx.f, but can use the executable vplx, I suggest including as a first line of your vplx command file:

        errorfile    /pub/vplx/vplerror.txt;

or whatever the location is.

You may have to use the UNIX command

        chmod u+x,o+x,g+x vplx

to allow the system to recognize the file as an executable. Your system administrator could work with you to choose a directory on the default search path, or to modify initialization files to include the vplx directory on the search path. If this is done, then you may run vplx with

        vplx    < commandfile > listfile

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