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Find information about places by entering place names and keywords, such as population, income, or poverty.
1. For example, search "Maine population," "income Houston" or "Washington poverty."
2. To see a list of more places with the same name click on "We found more geographies"
3. Once you find the place you want, an "info panel" on the right provides additional statistics.
2012 NAICS

Search results

Tribal Governmental Entities [<1.0 MB] New Hampshire 63% Related Information Local...Tribal Governmental Entities [<1.0 MB] New Jersey 65% Related Information Local...

...through Monroe, LA [12.2 MB] Tables: New Orleans, LA, through Annapolis, MD [17...MB] Tables: Ellenville, NY, through New Rochelle, NY [9.0 MB] Download Full...

...34,000 New Hampshire 21,000 New Jersey 120,000 New Mexico 26,000 New York 270...Micropolitan Statistical Area 1,000 Akron, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area 10,000...


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