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Difficulties with Collecting Address Information from People at Mobile Food Van Stops

Richard A. Smiley

KEY WORDS: Service-Based Enumeration, Mobile Food Van, Duplication, Questionniare Design


In Census 2000, the Census Bureau will make special efforts to reach people who do not have a usual place of residence. As part of Service-Based Enumeration (SBE) operations, special enumerations of the clients of regularly scheduled food vans will be conducted on a specified date. After the enumerations are completed and all responses are collected, the data will checked for internal and external duplication. Since many of the clients using food van services will have a usual place of residence, it will be necessary to collect address information from them to facilitate unduplication. However, for clients without a usual place of residence a request for a residence address could be very confusing and may slow down the time-sensitive data collection process. This paper will investigate the responses given by the clients of two New York city food van runs to the "place where you stay" and address questions which were asked on a self- administered enumeration form in a 1996 Test of SBE Procedures. The data show how the "place where you stay" question can be used as a screen for determining when the address question should be asked.

CITATION: 1998, Proceedings of the Section on Survey Research Methods, Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association, pp. 000-000.

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