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X-13ARIMA-SEATS Seasonal Adjustment Program

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Stay Informed About X-13ARIMA-SEATS

Announcements of program updates and other information related to X-13ARIMA-SEATS, Win X-13, and other programs are distributed through a moderated mailing list called x12a-announce.

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Downloading Genhol

Below are links related to Build 7 of the Genhol program.

Licensing information for this and other software distributed from this site can be found at

The following files are available for downloading at this time:
Contains genhol.exe, a DOS program that generates user-defined holiday regressors for use with the X-13ARIMA-SEATS program; easter500.txt, an ASCII text file with the dates of Easter for the 500 year period from 1600 to 2099, and input files containing the first three examples from this page in a subdirectory named genhol. (about 574K)
Last update: April 1, 2014

An ASCII text file with the dates of Easter for the 500 year period from 1600 to 2099.
Last update: December 18, 2009

Note that this site also contains pages with a listing of Easter dates from 1600 to 2099 and the frequency of each Easter date, as well as other files related to the Easter holiday.

Note that the Genhol software is distributed using ZIP compressed files. A separate utility that can extract ZIP files is required if your operating system (versions of Windows® before Windows 2000) does not provide one, such as the ZIP Reader from PKWARE® Link to a non-federal Web site

NOTE: This program was written with the Icon programming language, with special routines provided by the Icon program library. For more information on Icon, see Griswold and Griswold (1996).

The source code for this program is available upon request to the person listed under Support.

Support for Genhol

Questions or comments on the Genhol utility can be directed to Brian C. Monsell.

email: or

Phone: 301-763-1721 (or 301-763-1649)

FAX: 301-763-8399

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