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X-13ARIMA-SEATS Seasonal Adjustment Program

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Announcement on Update to X-12-ARIMA Website

Note: X-12-ARIMA is no longer in use at the Census Bureau. To access the X-13ARIMA-SEATS Home Page, access this link.

The X-12-ARIMA website has been redesigned - users can access the new website at the same location as the old site at:

The revision brings the website up to date with the new look-and-feel standards for the Census Bureau, and adds new content of interest to researchers and users new to X-12-ARIMA.

Pages for programs such as Win X12, X-12-Graph and Genhol have been moved to separate parts of the website, at the following URLs:

Users trying to access these sites at their old locations will be referred to the new pages.

The PC and Unix versions of X-12-ARIMA can be found at their previous locations:

The Seasonal Adjustment Papers site has also been updated, with separate pages for papers listed by authors and topics of interest:

More information for new users of X-12-ARIMA has been added, along with a reference section that will have a glossary of seasonal adjustment terms and a list of essential papers. The URL for this page is:

We are interested in your feedback concerning the updated site and suggestions for more resources related to seasonal adjustment. Please email your suggestions and comments to

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