X-13ARIMA-SEATS Seasonal Adjustment Program

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Download X-13-Graph Java

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X-13-Graph Java is an implementation of the Census Bureau's X-13-Graph program coded entirely in Java. It is designed to create graphs from X-13ARIMA-SEATS (and X-12-ARIMA) output files to provide graphical diagnostics for the Census Bureau's X-13ARIMA-SEATS seasonal adjustment program.

Persons with visual difficulties who have trouble using this application should call 301-763-7426 for assistance.

Documentation and examples for the X-13-Graph Java program are also available on this site.

Licensing information for this and other software distributed from this site can be found at https://www.census.gov/srd/www/disclaimer.html.

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Download X-13-Graph Java:

Note that X-13-Graph Java is distributed using ZIP compressed files. A separate utility that can extract ZIP files is required if your operating system (versions of Windows® before Windows 2000) does not provide one, such as the ZIP Reader from PKWARE® Link to a non-federal Web site

  • x13graphjava_V2.1.zip
    X-13-Graph Java: A compressed file containing Version 2.1 of the Java program X-13-Graph Java (X13GraphJava.jar) and its documentation (X13GraphJavaDoc.html), as well as files in two directories: lib and images. (about 3.06 Meg)
    Last update: February 20, 2013
    1. X13GraphJavaDoc.zip: Documentation for X-13-Graph Java in a ZIP file. (about 968K)
    2. X13GraphJavaDoc.pdf: Documentation for X-13-Graph Java. PDF (about 1.614 Meg)
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System Requirements:

X-13-Graph requires Java Version 6.0 or higher to run. It creates graphs from graphics files created using X-13ARIMA-SEATS, X-12-ARIMA Version 0.3, or higher.

You must run X-13ARIMA-SEATS (or X-12-ARIMA) in graphics mode to take advantage of X-13-Graph. For more information on running in graphics mode, see the X-13ARIMA-SEATS Reference Manual or the Getting Started with X-13ARIMA-SEATS Input Files paper. PDF

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Installing X-13-Graph Java:

  • Copy the zip file x13graphjava.zip to the C drive of your computer.
  • Uncompress the file. X-13-Graph Java will be stored in a x13GraphJava subdirectory.

Now you are ready to run the program. Open (double click on) the file X13GraphJava.jar to start the program. If your computer cannot open executable jar files directly, then at the command prompt, enter

java -jar fullpath /X13GraphJava.jar

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Contact Information

Questions or comments on X-13-Graph Java can be directed to Demetra Lytras, the primary programmer.

email: demetra.p.lytras@census.gov

Phone: 301-763-7426

FAX: 301-763-8804

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