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County and City Data Book 1994

January 14, 1999

Does the error message "runtime error - R6003 divide by zero" appear?

Follow procedure below:

  • Download DOS software. [ZIP, 282 KB]
  • Run GO.BAT from hard drive folder where new version of the software resides following the syntax below:

    GO X where X is the CD-ROM drive letter
    GO E if the disc is in CD-ROM drive E for example

May 21, 1998

The software on the CD-ROM adds an enhancement. Previous versions did not allow users to run the software if their CD-ROM drive was not a root-level directory. For example, if D:\ adressed the root directory of the CD-ROM, users could run the software. However if D:\CD_ROOT adressed the root directory of the CD-ROM, they could not. This version will allow the software to be run from such a directory.

January 16,1998

The 1994 County and City Data Book CD-ROM data files require minor revision. Specifically, the revisions are required for file CIF15.DBF, which contains city-level data for the table "Service Industries and City Government Employment and Revenue."

The first 50 city records of the 1,134-record file are incorrect for items 170, 173, and 176. The 50 cities involved are all cities in the following states (number of cities): Alabama (15), Alaska (3), Arizona (13), and Arkansas (11), as well as the first eight cities (alphabetically) in California (ending with Bakersfield). All other data cells for these items, as well as all other items on file CIF15.DBF, are correct in the original file.

After the GO software was revised to accommodate this new data file, another bug was discovered. It prevented users from creating their own files. This has been corrected.

The revised CIF15.DBF file should have been extracted along with the revised CNTYCITY.EXE and GO.BAT files, and this README.NOW file. If you intend to use the revised GO software be sure the new CIF15.DBF file is in the same directory as the GO.BAT file.

To run the revised software, type GO [d] (without the brackets), where [d] is the letter for your CD-ROM drive; then press the Enter key. The revised GO software will access the revised CIF15.DBF file instead of the one on the CD-ROM. Also, users may type GODOC [d] to view the technical documentation files on the CD-ROM without running the GO software. In addition, users who have placed the CD-ROM on a LAN should type GO [d] LAN or GODOC [d] LAN.

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