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Census 1990 Data Products support

dBase III Plus file format

Windows XP update for DOS programs
A DOS batch file named GOXP.bat has been added to all of the software updates on this page to enable the DOS program updates to run in Windows XP.

Census 1990 Gateway
Decennial Publications (and Census 1990 Technical documentation)
Contact your local State Data Center (SDC) for SAS (or other) code for use with 1990 census ASCII text data files.

Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS)

User Guide (1990)

Equal Employment Opportunity

DOS software [EXE, 189 KB] (networkable version)
Information about accessing the data files on disc directly for analysis and further data processing [ZIP, 90 KB]
EEO on CenStats

Summary Tape Files (STF)

Copies of most of the 1990 Summary Tape File CD-ROM discs are now available online. The data file format is dBase III Plus. DOS software is included for simple querying. The data files can also be accessed directly without using the available DOS software. Software and data file updates can be obtained from links in this section. When updating files, compare file creation dates.

Summary Tape File 1

STF1A DOS software [EXE, 200 KB] (networkable version, browse error fixed)
STF1C DOS software [EXE, 137 KB]
CD-ROM disc file documentation

Summary Tape File 3

Usernote Using STF3 cd-rom data with a DBMS
CD-ROM technical documentation [ZIP, 273 KB]

STF3A Windows software [ZIP, 3.4 MB]
STF3A DOS software [ZIP, 228 KB]

  • [2.5f, Sep 1995] Fixes minor problem causing infrequent abnormal program termination.
  • [2.5e, May 1994] This version fixes a minor problem in creating profiles in a LAN environment (see note below).
  • [2.5d, Jan 1994] LAN version.
  • [2.5a, Jul 1993] Software recompiled with Clipper 5.2.
  • [2.4, Apr 1993] This version fixes a problem in the geographic names attached to MSA and UA records in output files. This was introduced in Version 2.0.
  • [2.0, Oct 1992] Software recompiled with Clipper 5. This version also provides the capability to copy data directly to a Lotus (WK1) spreadsheet.

STF3B DOS software [ZIP, 225 KB] (networkable version)

Please note that Summary Level (SUMLEV) code 800 and Geographic Component (GEOCOMP) code 00 identify whole ZIP codes in STF3B.

STF3C DOS software for disc 1 [EXE, 226 KB] (networkable version)
STF3C DOS software for disc 2 [EXE, 222 KB] (networkable version)

Note: A data user inquired about a software inconsistency within the 1990 STF 3A CD-ROM files. This inconsistency appears when producing a report for a metropolitan area (summary levels 319, 321, 329, 331, 340, and 341) or an urbanized area (summary levels 420, 430, 440, 450, and 460) in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, California (Los Angeles disc #8), Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. In these records, the area name appears correctly on the screen, but when output files are created, the area names a incorrect. All FIPS codes on the printout are correct.

The most recent update of the software is Version 2.5e, produced in May 1994. This release includes enhancements such as more efficient memory management and multi-user LAN capability. There is also a correction to the area name problem discussed above.

Subject Summary Tape Files (SSTF)

SSTF1 DOS software [EXE, 219 KB]
SSTF2 DOS software [EXE, 119 KB] (fixes copy whole matrix error)
SSTF17 DOS software [EXE, 294 KB] (fixes a data display problem for PMSA areas within CMSA area)
DOS SSTF22 software [EXE, 219 KB]

  • Ver 1.2x fixes the selection for the Precision Production Occupations. The files, OCC_DETL.DBF and OCC_DETL.NDX need to be located in the same directory as the executable, SSTF22.EXE.
  • Ver 1.1 fixes the display box for occupations five sub-catagories deep. The 5th catagory disappeared after displaying summary information.

Public Law 94-171 Redistricting Data Program, Offical and Adjusted

Public Law on CenStats
Technical Documentation (Adjusted) [ZIP, 903 KB] (Windows help file format)

Other decennial census links:
--1990 Census
--ESCAP Report (Executive Steering Committee for A.C.E. Policy)
--Historical Data 1790 - 1990


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